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Most of the info on this site was "concieved" in the "old" There days and as such might be obsolete although I'm slowly updating it. I'm working on a new site with updated info. Hope to have it ready for the official opening of the new




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About me

"The name is McKensy - Olfert McKensy"

Yes - that's me, and I thought I'd better introduce myself.

In There my "call sign" is McKensy (not my real name).

I've been working with computers for more than 30 years.

My first "computer" to call my own was a Philips VideoPac G7000 - one of those cartridge game consoles. I used all my pocket money to buy game cartridges and had a lot of fun playing with it. I also got my hands on a programming cartridge with a very simple BASIC and had my first simple experience of "coding" at the age of 10.

Then followed the coolest computer of all time - the Commodore C64 - also known as the "breadbox". It quickly won my heart because of its very broad versatility and ease of use. I spent a lot of time playing games on it, but soon became bored so I started learning to program it in BASIC quickly followed by assembler and even learned to touch-type with all 10 fingers. In fact I was "bitten" and  "infected" so badly with bits and bytes from it that I've been "cursed" ever since. LOL

After primary school I went a couple of years on business school, where I finally got convinced that my vocation was computers, and studied another 3 years on the subject. During that time I bought my first MS-DOS computer, the Commodore PC10-III with a 30MB harddrive (very cool at that time :).

The rest of the list of computers in my life is too long and boring to mention.

Professionally I'm a teacher on a danish boarding school for adults, teaching mostly tech stuff such as internet in general, advanced internet, internet search, homepage design and creation, digital photography, image manipulation, desktop publishing (mostly Adobe). I am also part of the computer maintenance staff.

In my sparetime I teach and practise the ancient Korean martial art Taekwondo (black belt) and self-defence (combination of Taekwondo and Judo)

I like spending time in the open, walking and watching the countryside, listening to and taking pictures of the beautifull (and sometimes not so beautifull - LOL) scenery. Also enjoy the stars at night.

I'm see myself as an average dane at an average height and with an average weight. LOL. My avatar looks pretty much like me I think - maybe except for the clothes ;) - You'll be the judge of that.

My There history began on august 21 2006.

There being my first attempt in a 3D social world has grown to be a big part of my life of today. I was not a newbee in the 3D scene - having played most 3D 1st person shooters - offline as well as online, but they never really triggered that sense of "intimacy" that made me stay.

I praise the day I read a scientific article about using 3D worlds in treatment of among other things diseases and phobia, eg. arachnophobia or fear of flight can be treated and possibly cured using 3D worlds. Also the pain of burn victims has been proven to easy when watching a "cold" 3D world. Fascinating!

But in that article there was a list of several 3D worlds accessible for regular people - and There was one of them. The description of There emphasized the social aspect and that made me curious and I quickly downloaded the client, installed it and fired it up.

Landed on Zona and had my first cultural shock when I got approached by an avatar (thin, tanned guy with spiky long green hair, bare chest, shorts and big dark sunglasses) that told me to bugger off ROFL. 

Fortunately a couple of other avatars came to my rescue and told me to ignore him. I had a good long conversation with them and it really kick-started my joy of being There. They took me to some amazing places, showed me how to do stuff, lent me some wheels  - and I drove off into the unknown.

It took me exactly one day to be convinced this was the right place to be. Next day I payed for my premium membership, and boy - have I got my money back worth tenfold!

In the following week I spent a lot of hours playing around, buying stuff, exploring, and most of all - chatting with all kinds of people. As being a very shy person It really took me by suprise how easy it was to communicate with people from all around the world without thinking LOL. Sometimes I would find myself with a group of people from ie. Australia, Germany, Spain, US, Greeze (and me from Denmark) - all having fun at the same time at the same place. Amazing! LOL.

I really felt this place was right for me. I've always been a quick learner of new programs and systems so I quickly got the touch of all the controls and options. I also pretty quick got an idea of how the whole system was put together technologically. So it made it very easy for me to help out new people. 

And that was my luck. One week after my arrival I got to talk to a newbee. I was sitting on the beach of Zona under an umbrella - and she came over and said "hi". I asked her to sit down so that we could talk and after a couple of attempts to explain that she had to click the action tag above the seat, she sat down. LOL

We did the compulsory introduction and I began to explain to her how to do some emotes. No luck... she couldn't get it to work as she couldn't figure out the apostrophe in front of the emote. I tried my best to explain how it looked and worked - but still no luck. We then called it a day. The next day I was back at Zona beach and so was she. She remembered me, came over and sat down. Again we tried to find the apostrophe on her keyboard and after a lot of explanations, suggestions, translations etc. she finally got it! We continued to talk, I showed her some places, lend her a vehicle - and since that day we have become very close friends. Thx Shez!

At present time I've spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars on this place. And it's been worth every dime! This place and it's inhabitants gives me so much that I feel I should try pay back a little. And that I am trying to do with this fansite.

See you There

Oh - btw... I love to do the cross country races, such as CCR and FL... And I think I do well as this picture shows LOL: