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Most of the info on this site was "concieved" in the "old" There days and as such might be obsolete although I'm slowly updating it. I'm working on a new site with updated info. Hope to have it ready for the official opening of the new




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The "basic" version of There is ok - but you can have a lot more fun with addons and patches and the following pages list my favorites.


Please notice: The installation path for most of the patches is still the old "C:\Program Files\There". As of the latest version of There the new default installation path is "C:\Makena\There". Please pay attention and change path accordingly.


Please be aware that There does not endorse any modification to their client and therefore do not offer support for any problems connected with these "modifications" of the original client installation! Furthermore I can under no circumstances be held liable for any damage/conflict/problem you might get. You completely proceed at your own risk!

But that being said, I've never had any problems with any of these add-ons or patches myself, and if anything goes wrong after all a reinstall of the client will usually restore There back to "basic" (has to be the full install - not the update!). Just install the client - don't uninstall first.

A note of warning:

Is it risky to install any patch/addon? Well it all comes down to trust and good judgement. Some patches/addons only replace textures or sounds. Other replaces some of the coded tools of the client program, such as the compass... As for the sounds and textures, they are just that - sound and texture. But the compass for instance is a piece of code that can interact with the There client. In that manner an addon "might" be able to compromize your account.

So far I've only heard rumors of accounts being exploited in this manner and I've never seen or read about any proof. So I feel it's pretty safe to utilize the many cool and usefull patches and addons that are available. Also consider only downloading from trusted sites like (and mine :)

Have fun!