Most of the info on this site was "concieved" in the "old" There days and as such might be obsolete although I'm slowly updating it. I'm working on a new site with updated info. Hope to have it ready for the official opening of the new




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Here I've listed what couldn't fit into another category.

  • If you feel the chat bubble font to be a little too small and difficult to read, try replace it with my "Verdana-version". I have modified the Verdana font from Windows to work like the There chat font.
    Find and remove the "ThereChat2" font (filename "therechat.ttf") and install the verdana version from the zip-file (the original font file is enclosed for convenience). The Verdana font is special designed for better screen readability.

  • Here is the original There fonts in case you miss them.
  • Did you miss the april's fools day prank (2007) that turned the dogs into cats? Then here's your change to relive the fun - Aztec3 has made a patch that will bring back the "dots" as I like to call them - dogs+cats = dots - you get it? rofl. Here's the link complete with installer/uninstaller: There_Dog2Cat_MOD (downloads from his website)