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Most of the info on this site was "concieved" in the "old" There days and as such might be obsolete although I'm slowly updating it. I'm working on a new site with updated info. Hope to have it ready for the official opening of the new




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Do you often feel overwhelmed by a lot of nametags cluttering your screen? Do you often have problems reading the nametags when they get stacked? Are you tired of the standard nametags? - Then try one of my modified versions. They make the screen feel less cluttered, they make reading stacked nametags easier, - and they simply look better :) (Click to see a comparison)


And if you don't like colored nametags at all - try these:

But there are other nametag alternatives as well:

  • bboy Nametag (downloads from his website)
    Pills - Vibrant and smooth gel pills, fully anti-aliased.

And as a last resort - if you just simply liked the old, classic nametags:

Finally you can also go to and have a look. He has a most nametags available (including mine ;) as well as most other patches available for


Making your own There Nametags?

Then you might want to know the names, RGB values and HEX codes of the colors:

There Nametag Color Values

(right click on image to save)