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Ambient sounds

Ever needed that ambient background sound of a waterfall, fireplace or bird song? Well, there's a couple of ways to get that by using a There radio.

First off there's this guy Terrapin, who has created a few very cool sounds and made them available on ShoutCast - you simply search for "sfx for there". At present these sounds are available:

  • Waterfall
  • Waterfall 2- deeper and stronger
  • Fountain/pool
  • The ambient sounds of the island of Ootay
  • The ambient sounds of the island of Nada 
  • the sounds of the Tyr crystals and urchin plants
  • Clock Tower (PST/ UTC minus 8 hours) (Currently disabled)
  • Crackling fire for fireplace
  • Summer rain storm

Read more about it here at

Then there's the bird songs made available on ShoutCast by Birdsong Radio. You simply search for "birdsong" and pick the link.