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When chatting with people one important aspect imply to get the full meaning of what people really means by what they are saying - gestures and emotions! As we can't see each other "for real" when we interact in this 3D univers we have to go by other means - emotes. Emotes are keywords you type to express a feeling or emotion.

There support quite a list of motes but there are no official list of them all as most of the fun is to discover new emotes over time. So - if you don't want to spoil all the fun don't read on!

An emote is "activated" by typing an apostrophe and a special word, ie. 'smile makes your avatar smile. There's a few emotes that works without the apostrophe.

See a categorized list of emotes on the submenu pages.

  • Almost all emotes begin with an apostrophe ( ' ) ie. 'smile. Exceptions are dog commands (that are not emotes btw.) and a few other emotes.
  • Most emotes can be expressed at more levels by entering 1, 2 or even 3 apostrophes ie. 'smile or ''smile or '''smile - I have entered the number of apostrophes the emote support. So if you see 3 apostrophes in front of an emote you can use 1, 2 or 3 apostrophes.
  • If you don't want others to see what emote you use just end the emote with another apostrohe ie. 'smile'  (Only works with emotes that start with an apostrophe.)
  • To repeat an emote rapidly, type the emote and don't hit enter but space, then backspace, space, backspace, space, etc...
  • When you are in a conversation you might notice that your avatar's expression sometimes act according to what you say. That's because you use certain "buzz" words ie. yes or  no.
  • Some emotes express differently when sitting or standing.
  • Some emotes only work when seated and others only work when standing.