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Flash files

Be warned - this section is for advanced users.

Did you know that you can run most of the addons/plugins outside of the There client window? For instance you can run one the compass addons in an external window so it won't clutter the There client window.

The reason for this is because most of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is based on Flash. And flash is "simply put" a piece of code that runs in most browsers today. And since the There client is in many ways based on the Microsoft Internet Browser engine, the flash code can interacts with the There client.

I won't go deeper into the technicalities of this but just say that this is what makes it possible to make the flash code run outside the There client window and still communicate with the There client.

To make this happen there's a few steps to go by:

  1. Enable local debug/server mode of the There client (CTRL+SHIFT+L).
  2. Locate the addon/plugin flash file you want to run external. 
  3. Allow the flash file to access your local system by adding the file (complete with drive/path/filename/extension) to the Flash players Global Security Settings panel.
  4. Open the flash file in either a flash file viewer or a browser.

That should do it.

This section was written "on an impulse" and could most probably use much more information. I might get to that in the future.