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Fun Pass level

To calculate the Fun Pass level you need to sum up all your present skills.

There won't give out the precise point levels, but some good people has come up with the following numbers. As it seems that there are two different opinions I have listed both.

It is my experience that theory 1 is the most accurate, but other people might have another opinion LOL. Please let me know if you know more...

theory 1 theory 2theory 3
Each Casual level gives5 pts5 pts5 pts
Each Avid level gives15 pts15 pts15 pts
Each Expert level gives45 pts45 pts45 pts
Each Renowned gives135 pts135 pts135 pts
Each Legendary gives415 pts405 pts415 pts

Bronze Fun Pass needs:5 pts

5 pts
Silver Fun Pass needs:130 pts
382 pts130 pts
Gold Fun Pass needs:480 pts
662 pts480 pts
Platinum Fun Pass needs:1500 pts
1502 pts1600 pts