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Client settings

The There client actually acts as a local web server and the trick is to log in to the server and change some settings.

Just beware - you go on completely at your own risk, although you can always just close the client and the settings will go back to normal.

  1. To access the control panel of the server you of course need the There client running. 
  2. Now you need to unlock the access to the control panel and you do that by holding the CTRL and SHIFT keys down and press L. Notice: There will be NO alert, so don't press more than once - a second press will lock the access again.
  3. Open a blank browser page and enter this url (or simply click the link):
    This should open the performance setting page with a lot of obscure named fields.
  4. Change the settings according to the following table - note that you need to change one setting at a time and click "submit".

     Shadows visible (0 or 1)
     Terrain resolution (1=low, 2=high) 1
     View Scale 0.3
     Vis Bandwidth Cap (bytes/s) 5000
     UUdob Radius 340.0
     Number light sources 3

Please note that these settings are not "sticky" - they return to their default value when you close the client, so you need to repeat this sequence every time you run the client.

And now for the drawback of this method

These settings might speed up your There experience, but they also inflict on your experience:

  • Shadows visible = 0 means you won't get the shadows beneath all structures like trees etc.
  • Terrain resolution = 1 means the texture of the terrain will show in a lesser quality
  • View Scale = 0.3 means stuff around you won't load until you are closer.
  • Vis Bandwidth Cap (bytes/s) = 5000 means how much bandwith is set aside for asset download
  • UUdob Radius = 340 - I have no clue LOL
  • Number light sources = 3 is how many light sources will be visible at once.

But please feel free to play around with the settings. If you encounter a setting better than this one please send me a message and I'll include it here.