Most of the info on this site was "concieved" in the "old" There days and as such might be obsolete although I'm slowly updating it. I'm working on a new site with updated info. Hope to have it ready for the official opening of the new




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On the software side there are also some tips to improve performance:

  • Make sure your graphic card driver is up to date.
  • Defrag your hard disc on a regular basis - once a month maybe.
  • Don't have too many other programs run in the background - if the little task bar area down to the right (with the clock) is cluttered you probably have lots of stuff running. Try turn off as much as possible.
  • Some virus scanners degrade the disc access remarkably - maybe it's time to switch ;) - I use Avira Antivir - very fast scanner!
  • Make sure you only run one firewall - and if possible a hardware version. Usually a router has a firewall build in.
  • You may have noticed in forum, that There usually responds to problems that it's a firewall issue. And actually a firewall can cause some very frustrating problems.
  • Empty the Internet Explorer cache on a regular basis. The There client utilizes the IE-engine and -cache.
  • If you have 100's of things in "My Things" - try organize into sub-folders with max 100 in each. Same goes for your "Favorite" places folder.
  • Make sure you run the latest version of the Flash Player. click here to check (must be from inside IE).
    For the techy people, here's the direct link to the installer.

Got another tip? Let me know :)