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From a forum post by There_Hardware:

There uses all the CPU it can, to keep the CPU warm. Literally! The reason is that laptops that detect that the CPU isn't used 100%, will shut down for a small while. Alas, that small while is long enough to cause There to lag. Because laptops are now > 40% of the total PC market, we had to make it like this.

We've repeatedly run There in the lab, looking for client memory leaks, and haven't really found any. If you're using third-party utilities, like the Flash GPS hack, then we know there's bugs in that -- uninstall it if you don't want the bugs. That's about the only advice I can give on the memory leaks, because I haven't seen anything else cause significant bloating within a few hours (or even a day). 

Now, for the good news: to make There NOT use all of your CPU, you can try this: 

  1. right-click on My Computer and select Properties 
  2. on the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables 
  3. click "New" and name the variable THERESLEEP (all uppercase) and give it the value 1 (just a single digit one) 
  4. apply, save, close windows, and restart your computer (just for good measure) 
  5. now, when you log in, you may find that There is not using as much CPU 

This procedure does not work on all computers. It also may induce lag on some computers. To reverse the effect, remove the environment variable you created and restart the computer again (for better karma). Hope this helps!