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Buying a paz

There are 3 types of paz': The new "acre" type, the old "meter" type and the "lot" type that are also mesured in "acres". (Actually there are a 4th type, the "casual" paz, but I'll get back to that one at the end of this page.)

The new obviously replaces the old that can't be bought in There Shop anymore but are being traded extensively in auctions but usually at a rather high price. The "lot" type can only be placed inside a neighborhood and takes a little more to explain - wich I won't this time as I still have to try that out myself  LOL.

Watch out!
Buying a paz from auction can be costly as some people try (on purpose or unknowingly) to make big profit when selling their paz.

To make sure you are not paying too much I will tell you how to figure out the real value of a deal.

First off you can check out how much time is still left on the paz if you look just above the picture on the auction page: Approximate drop time left - this is the actuall time left on the paz, nomatter what the seller tells you. If it says nothing there's no time left.

At the bottom of the info page, you get information about the cost of a months rent and how many drops the paz can take and that a new paz from the There Shop comes with 30 days prepaid rent.

But that is still not quite enough to make the right descision. First a little explanation of how paz rent works:

To have a paz "out" (as in usable/visible) in world you have to pay for the time it's actually "out" in the world - that's called "rent". You pay in advance a certain amount per day (24 hour) and when the paz is "out", There deducts this "account" accordingly. This way you only pay for the "real" time used.

Now - if someone is selling a paz, there might still be some prepaid rent on it. And a lot of people doesn't really understand how all this works - they "forget" that a paz from shop comes with 30 days prepaid rent and they sell the paz with less or no time left for the same or much higher amount.

To better get an understanding of all this - think of a paz as valued by two things: prepaid rent and the basic paz.

An example: A 16th acre paz always cost 5,500 tbucks in shop and is always available in shop. And this is with 30 days prepaid rent included. The rent per day for this size of paz is 168 tbucks. Now, 30 days of each 168 tbucks is 5,040 tbucks. That leaves 460 tbucks as the basic price for the paz itself. Got it?

Tip: Remember this formula:

basic price + ( days left * rent per day )

Result has to be lower than retail price or you will be cheated!

On the following pages you will find the nessesary information to calculate the real price of any paz offered in auction.

Or go straight to my paz prize calculator.

Warning: Even though a paz is up for auction, the seller might still have it put out in-world ticking away rent. That means that even if you purchase the paz it will still remain out in-world (and still ticking away rent). If you made the purchase off-world it is wisely to log in as soon as possible and make sure that the paz is retrieved and safe in your inventory.