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Profile Images

Once you are settled in you might want to add images to your profile page.

The profile page can show two different images of your choice. As doesn't support hosting of imagery you need to make your images available on the internet and then supply the direct link for them into the corresponding image box below each image box on the profile page.

There are a couple of things to consider, so here's a walk trough:

1. The image size

First you need to get and prepare an image. The profile image size is basicly 192 x 137 pixels. But bigger/smaller is ok and will just automatically be resized to fit within the image box. Ideally the image proportion should be 1.4 - image width must be 1.4 times wider than image height.

That means if you have an image that is, lets say 200 pixels wide then your image height should be approx. 142 pixels high. Simply take the image height and multiply with 1.4 to get image width - OR to do it the other way around: take the image width and multiply with 0.71 to get image height.

Once you have the image ready, save it in either JPG, GIF or PNG format.

  • Note 1: As to my knowledge there's no limit on the image file size, but the bigger image the slower load as the profile page loads the original image each time and then resizes it to fit..
  • Note 2: Any image proportion is allowed, but it will be "squashed" to fit inside the little image box on the profile page.
  • Note 3: I know the image proportion isn't exactly 1.4 or 0.71 - it's closer to 1.401459854 and 0.713541667 - but messing with these little images it won't matter much :)

2. Hosting the image

Now you need to upload your image(s)  to the internet - that means uploading it to some kind of service that will host your images. There are several online free services for this::

just to name a few ...

But you can also use a social service like Facebook.

3. Adding the image to your profile page

It all comes down to having the image online and finding the direct link for the image.

Most of the image hosting services offer easy access to the images supplying the direct link on request. In most cases you can also just right click the wanted image and select the appropriate option to copy the image address/link from the popup menu. Then the link is stored in the copy buffer of your computer.

t's a little more complicated with Facebook and the like.

Here's how to find the link on Facebook:

  • Upload your image to your Facebook account
  • Open the image from the Photo section.
  • Below the image you should see a download link for the image - right click that link and select the appropriate option to copy the image address/link from the popup menu. Then the link is stored in the copy buffer of your computer.

Now open your profile page and click inside the appropriate link box titled "Photo URL" below the image box. Either use keyboard shortcut CTRL+V (on a PC) or right click in the box and select "Paste" to insert the link for the image in the box.

Note: In case of Facebook image you need to do a little editing of the link: Make sure the beginning of the link says 'http:' and not 'https:' (remove the 's' if it's there) - also the end of the link might end with something like '?dl=1' (remove the questionmark and anything after it).

Then make sure to click  "Apply changes" at the bottom of the profile page.

That's it :)