Most of the info on this site was "concieved" in the "old" There days and as such might be obsolete although I'm slowly updating it. I'm working on a new site with updated info. Hope to have it ready for the official opening of the new




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One of the most expensive things in life as well in There - is shopping. There are two places to shop in There: the Shop Central and the Auctions. Auctions is almost always the cheapest, but beware - sometimes people try to make a big profit and sell an item more expensive than in the Shop Central. Always keep an eye on the Shop price. But of course the shop selection is a bit limited as it only holds the "official" There items. All the user designed items only sells in the auction.

Tip #1: If you want to buy or bid on an item, first try search for the same item (same name) - maybe an even cheaper deal shows up.

Tip #2: Unfortunately you can't search the shop so to find an item in shop you have to find (guess) the right category. But that could be very difficult so a tip for you to know when the item might be a shop item or not is to look at the picture of the item; right click the picture and select "properties" in the pop-up menu. Look at the file name of the picture - if it's a ".gif" file it's most likely a shop item - all pictures in shop are ".gif" files (as far as I've seen, but may be subject to change in the future).

Tip #3: When you browse through the auction it's a good idea to sort the items by price. To do that click once on the price collumn header, wait for the window to reload, then click again. The first click sorts by the highest price - the next reverses it and sorts by lowest. That way you allways start the list with the least expensive price.

Tip #4: If you find a good deal try list that seller's other sales - might have other cool things for a bargain.

Tip #5: Search auctions a little easier using the Bedican Compass with my modified commands. Get it with my favorite addons installer.

to be continued...