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User Interface

Are you at times fed up with some of the reoccurring sound effects, like the sound of the disappearing bottom toolbar when you hit CTRL or the tedious sound of harps when people nearby or far away are kissing?

Well - there's a simple cure: Remove the sound effect for good. Yes - it's an "either or". You can't simply toggle the sound effect whenever it suits you. It would take a restart of the client.

Well, lets get on with it. Alle the sound effects of the UI (User Interface) are simply sound files located in your client installation folder structure. The trick is to simply replace the sound file in question with a silent version. But first the location and explanation of the files.


The sounds when taking out things or putting them away:

  • put_away.ogg
    - when picking up an item (everything but paz decoration stuff). Also part 1 sound when dropping said item.
  • take_out.ogg
    - when taking out an item (everything but paz decoration stuff). Actually the put_away sound is played first, then the take_out.


  • control_change.ogg
  • control_down.ogg
    - when clicking various buttons in the Shortcut bar, bboy Quickbar, Communicator etc. - but also when just moving the mouse out of the button (the button color changes)
  • control_rollover.ogg
    - when moving the mouse over various buttons in the Shortcut bar, bboy Quickbar, Communicator etc.
  • control_up.ogg
  • dialog_appear.ogg
  • menu_close.ogg
  • menu_open.ogg
    - when you move over an action tag or nametag
  • menuitem_activate.ogg
    - when clicking on a menu item in an action tag or nametag
  • menuitem_bad_activate.ogg
  • menuitem_disabled_rollover.ogg
    - when moving the mouse over disabled buttons in main menu bar, ChangeMe and Communicator
  • menuitem_enabled_rollover.ogg
    - when moving the mouse over enabled buttons in main menu bar, ChangeMe and Communicator


  • avatar_message.ogg
    - when another avatar is calling you on IM
  • avatar_message_sent.ogg
    - when you are calling another avatar on IM
  • into_there.ogg
  • into_there_first.ogg
    - the fanfare when logging into the world
  • out_of_there.ogg
  • permission_denied.ogg
  • save_button.ogg
  • system_message.ogg
  • theremenu_close.ogg
    - when the main menu bar closes (like when entering Action mode/pressing the CTRL key)
  • theremenu_open.ogg
    - when the main menu bar opens (like when leaving Action mode/release of the CTRL key)
  • undo_button.ogg


The sounds of the card game actions:

  • cards_game_over.ogg
  • cards_lose_trick.ogg
  • cards_new_hand.ogg
  • cards_take_trick.ogg
  • cards_wild_select.ogg
  • cards_your_turn.ogg


The sounds when you type in chat bubbles:

  • backspace.ogg
    - when hitting the backspace key in chat bubbles
  • crlf.ogg
    - when hitting the enter key in chat bubbles
  • keystroke_1.ogg
  • keystroke_2.ogg
  • keystroke_3.ogg
  • keystroke_4.ogg
    - tthese 4 sound files are all played one after another when typing text in chat bubbles:


  • therecam_click.ogg
    - the clicking sound when you make a screenshot using CTRL+SHIFT+C


This is the sounds your avatar makes when moving around. Self explanatory. (well maybe except for the last one ;)

  • body_fall_1.ogg
  • body_fall_2.ogg
  • body_fall_3.ogg
  • body_fall_4.ogg
  • body_tumble.ogg
  • foot_jump_1.ogg
  • foot_jump_2.ogg
  • foot_run_1.ogg
  • foot_run_2.ogg
  • foot_run_3.ogg
  • foot_run_4.ogg
  • foot_run_5.ogg
  • foot_run_6.ogg
  • foot_run_7.ogg
  • foot_run_8.ogg
  • foot_walk_1.ogg
  • foot_walk_2.ogg
  • foot_walk_3.ogg
  • foot_walk_4.ogg
  • foot_walk_5.ogg
  • foot_walk_6.ogg
  • foot_walk_7.ogg
  • forcefield.ogg
  • sex_change.ogg

Note: It seems that the new UI boxes, that can be moved out of the client window doesn't have sounds connected with these files.